Our Mission

Simply put, we marry education and behavioral health.

All students need places where they feel supported, challenged and experience success. Families need places where they know their children are valued, understood, held accountable and loved. Teachers and staff need places where they can build healthy relationships with those they serve and each other and feel valued for their important work.

At Transforming Lives Inc, we are committed to creating these spaces for students, families and our staff. We do this by building exemplary alternative education and community-based programs for marginalized individuals and communities. We offer the full continuum of evidence-based practices to support, enhance, or supplement school district’s and agencies’ alternative education and community programs.

Our Services

Our services are organized into four categories.

Alternative Schools

Full-service schools for youth (grades K-12) who have been recommended for an alternative placement.

Emotional Support Classrooms

Specialized therapeutic classrooms for youth with emotional and behavioral challenges.

In-School Alternative Program

Comprehensive in-school programs for secondary school youth who have been temporarily alternatively placed.

Youth Empowerment Program

Community-based violence and suicide prevention programs for youth andfamilies.