Our Commitment

Akoben: Leading in the Struggle to Serve

“Human beings change their behavior based on their bonds and relationships”

We believe that we have a responsibility to get better and better at providing outstanding services to youth and families. Through the partnership with our sister company, Akoben, we provide consistent professional development to our teachers, staff and administrators.

Akoben provides training and consulting in the areas of Restorative Practices, Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Relevancy and Agency and Assets. Visit Akoben to learn more.

Professional Development

From the first week of employment and throughout the year, we will work with staff to develop a personalized plan for professional growth and development. We are also interested in creatively incorporating books, attending conferences and conducting workshops into this plan.

Position Minimal Annual Professional
Development Expectations
Teacher, Behavior Interventionists,
Counselors, Administrative
Assistants, Nurse
40 hours 24 hours
Director of Education, Dean of Students 40 hours 40 hours
Principal, CEO 40 hours 60 hours