“The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle.”
— Janet S. Dickens

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We Transform Lives

We are passionate about positively transforming youth, families, communities and ourselves. That makes sense...we named our company Transforming Lives! To do this well we have assembled an outstanding village of educators, therapists, counselors, behavior interventionists, administrators and leaders to serve others.

We are driven, creative and dedicated to serving the marginalized and underserved with love, connection and challenge. Our work is rooted in our approaches to:

Behavorial Health

What We Are

As a human services organization, TLi focuses on the full continuum of evidence-based practices to develop educational, youth-based and community programs. We are a Restorative, Trauma-Informed and Culturally Relevant organization for both our staff and those who we serve.

We Will...

use relationships, resources and exemplary practices to dramatically improve the lives of our community and build an organization where every colleague, stakeholder and those we serve are connected, progressing and proud to belong

We Are About

African-American father, grandfather and son playing in park

Relationship First

“Human beings transform their behavior based on their bonds and relationships.” We live by the belief that building and leveraging relationships is our greatest superpower! Therefore, relationships trump everything else for us.

Being Restorative and
Trauma Informed

People will know us by how we interact with those we serve and everyone else. We expect everyone to exemplify the twin pillars of being Restorative and Trauma-Informed. These are at the core of everything that we do here.

young african american super hero
many hands

Always Getting Better

We are good, but we can be great! We will have a commitment to continuous growth and improvement in our organization, outcomes and ourselves. We are learners, both curious and obsessed with pushing the envelope fowards.

Inspiration for Our Logo

We look back to move foward

Sesa Woruban

The Transforming Lives logo is inspired by an ancient West African Adinkra symbol called “sesa woruban” which means to change or transform.

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