Positive Change Academy – Newark

The Positive Change Academy - New Castle (PCA-NC) provides a comprehensive program of individualized educational, behavioral health, and social services to youth in grades K-12 who have been recommended for an alternative school placement. We serve students from the Red Clay Consolidated, Christina, Appoquinimink and Colonial School Districts as well as various charter schools in New Castle County, DE.

Positive Change moves beyond the services provided by traditional schools through a collaborative approach involving the student, parents/families, school professionals, community partnerships, and outside support services.

Our Core Principles

TLi and the Positive Change Academy are based on the core principles of Restorative Practices, Trauma-Informed Care, Cultural Relevancy and Agency & Assets (Strengths-Based). This is woven into how we build our organizational and school community, hold ourselves and students accountable and resolve issues.

Restorative Practices

Building relationships and accountability to restore community and repair harm.

Trauma Informed

We teach practices that are trauma informed for growth and peace.

Strength-based & Asset Building

We believe that all people have value, strength and quality.

Cultural Relevancy

Respecting culture is essential to understanding and connecting with those we serve.

Highlights of Our Program

Small Class Size

Young African-American female smiles

Small class sizes of 15 students or less to better serve the needs of each student

Personalized Curriculum

Young African-American male smiles with teacher

1:3 Staff to Student ratio to ensure that each student receives individualized attention

Cultural Relevancy

Drummer surrounded by African drums

African drumming and dancing, art, music, PE to discipline the body and mind

4 Keys to a Successful Transition

A successful transition is our goal for every Positive Change student. As such, we use a comprehensive view to determine a student's readiness for transition forward to their home school. This includes evaluating students based on our Four Keys to A Successful Transition.


Student must be in school at least 90% of all days in a marking period.


Students are expected to maintain at least C's in all classes.



Student must have earned 85% of possible behavioral support points in a marking period.


Student must have at least a 2.0 counseling engagement rating.

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