Our curriculum follows and is determined by the Delaware DOE State standards and curriculum. Additionally, our instructional program includes:

  • A skills-based interdisciplinary approach to reach students who often have a history of academic failure in a traditional setting.
  • An environment where education and behavioral health operate in harmony, where students can learn and practice skills in "real-time" instructional environments
  • State and local testing programs are prepared for and administered at our schools, using the most comprehensive test preparation software, including TIDE and Smarter Balance (SBAC)
  • With a small class size average of 12:1, all students are provided the individualized attention they need to academically succeed. Through the ISP weekly review process, deficiencies are quickly identified and services are established or enhanced for students. These services can include one-on-one tutoring with a Teacher Associate, modification of assignments, recommendation for academic evaluation, or helping to establish adjunctive academic services through an outside agency.

Typically, students begin 100% within the program and then are transitioned into more and more traditional classes as they progress. Once the student has completed the program and is recommended for transition, an Individualized Transition Plan will be developed, unique to the student's social and academic needs, to ensure proper readjustment and stabilization.